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Happy Robert

“Art is the solution and the remedy, it is therapy.”

Happy Robert is a visual female artist born in Songea, a southern region in Tanzania, lives and works in Dar es salaam. She is influenced by family members and friends who used to see her craft beads and drawings.

She loves art, has attended workshops and training organized by art and cultural institutions in Dar es salaam. She feels proud and happy to work in this male dominated field with male artists when producing body of works in their studios.

Most of her works are paintings largely focused on females expressing their feelings, emotions and beauty. Mentored at Haji Chilonga Studios from 2017, she nurtured her skills, knowledge, experience and art inspiration from local artists such as Evarist Chikawe, Cuthbert Semgoja, Kaija and other visual artists.

Happy’s body of works has been showcased in Dar es salaam, Zanzibar, Arusha , Nairobi - Kenya and in Europe through both group exhibitions and solo exhibitions. One of her highlights was her first solo exhibition in 2019 at Banana Hill art gallery Nairobi Kenya. Furthermore, Happy was among the facilitators from the 14+ Artists group during My Trash My Treasure project sponsored by the Swiss embassy where the embassy donated TZS 170 million to five local organisations and groups aiming at encouraging environmental consciousness through the arts in various regions of Tanzania.

Critique from the Gallery

Often depicting ordinary women, Happy Roberts’s expressionistic portraits convey a deep sense of emotionality within her subjects as they are often shown in a state of lamentation, contemplation and elation, as expressed through their gestures/posture. Her work often employs the use of vibrant colors and bold gestural brush strokes that in effect heighten the emotionality of the portraits whilst also creating a flattering representation of the subject.

Selected Works

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