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Support Us

Become a friend of Rangi & get involved with us.

Whether you are an individual or a multi-national corporation, we can cultivate a bespoke Partnership or Sponsorship package for you that caters to your personalized needs. All financial and non-financial support is welcome and will enable us to better fulfil the vision and mission of Rangi to GROW the market, EMPOWER the artists, and TRANSFORM the art industry.

Explore Different Options

Support us through sponsorships, donations & partnerships.


Exhibition sponsorship

Exhibitions form a vital part of Rangi activities. The Gallery, being virtual, gives an illusion that here is no need for shows, whereas that’s precisely the reason why it requires sponsorship for exhibitions. 

Through our partners, we hope that we can mount exhibitions at least once a month at various locations. Your support will not only aid in expanding the reach of our programme but also develop a community of like-minded art enthusiasts that want to celebrate African contemporary art, artists and art lovers across the globe. Furthermore, sponsors can benefit from substantial marketing and publicity campaigns, featured at the city level, national level and international level. 

In addition, sponsors will also receive exceptional client entertainment opportunities in our unrivalled picture galleries - we work closely with sponsors to ensure that marketing and communications opportunities are maximised.

Supporting education

Join the movement of enhancing art education and increase access to learning opportunities. The Rangi intends to pilot an education programme that will offer access and learning to people from all walks of life through school visits, outreach programmes, lecture series, workshops and tours.

Corporate partnerships

Working with RANGI can help your company meet its marketing, public relations, client support and corporate social responsability objectives. 

You will also be creating a partnership with an up and coming revolutionary novel art platform, an absolute first in Tanzania.

Other partnerships

Our founder takes pride in having built up a range of partnerships with companies over the years developing long-term relationships. 

We hope to establish the same for Rangi to share knowledge and expertise, working together on marketing projects and much more.

Our Partners


Keen to support Rangi Gallery even more? 
An additional donation provides much appreciated extra funds to support our exhibitions, workshops, campaigns, talent management, publications, and education programmes. 

If you are interested in donating or learning more about what you can do to help, please email info@rangigallery.co.tz or phone +255 710 829 991.
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