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Learning Centre

All the Art programmes are organised and delivered by the our team in collaboration with artists, art teachers, professional partners and community leaders.

Rangi Gallery offers educational classes on all matters concerning art to promote a high level of regional community involvement with programs and facilities to develop the gallery’s capacity to act as a valued education and learning resource, whilst introducing innovative ways of display and art production in order to attract a new and younger audience. 

The aim is to broaden the understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts — through projects and programmes that help people of all ages become confident in their understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts and galleries. It’s the response of changing art practice, changes in audience needs, and changes in formal and informal education. Classes and workshops are one of the interactive tools to directly engage people in the arts. These activities attract people of all ages and backgrounds. Given the various timetables, the classes offered at Rangi ran throughout various times during the week and weekends.  

Education classes are about tutoring and supporting the students to achieve their individual goals. Classes for children and teens offer a space for creativity to flourish, a haven for self-expression and other benefits in terms of brain development, enhance mental health and cultivate emotional growth. Furthermore, weekends offer an excellent opportunity for families to come together and make some art. Rangi will offer various events and family day out activities to ensure that all members of the community’s needs are met.

Is the Learning centre for you?

If you are one of the following, then this is the right place for you.

Professional Artists
Amateur Artists & Crafters
Teachers & Students
School-Aged Children (5- 17yrs)
Private Businesses
NGO´s & Government Organisations
Working/Evening Class

What can you expect from the art programmes?

Practical/hands-on classes and workshops for people of all ages
Exhibition tours
Facilitated discussion sessions
Get to know your local artists
Fundraising programmes and projects
Outreach programmes
Organized training and workshops for artists and art teachers
Work with curators in developing information about exhibitions
Art socials, surprise yourself and make new friends!

Courses for Adults

Rangi Gallery offers many ways to explore your creativity with beginner and intermediate courses in a variety of media. Unless otherwise indicated, adults provide their own tools and supplies for classes. 

Students in beginner courses will be given materials for the first class, while those in intermediate courses should bring their own selection. Supply lists are handed out on the first day of class. For special workshops, materials are generally included in the class cost.

Courses for Children

Child and teen classes are structured to accommodate the abilities of different age levels. These fun-filled classes develop skills in various media, sparking creativity and imagination. Artist-instructors are paired with classes based on experience and area of specialization.


Choose from an exciting variety of creatives. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming workshops

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Tinga Tinga

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