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About Us

The Rangi Gallery is a virtual art gallery for the general public with the hope to promote and market domestic artists and their works.

Rangi Gallery aims to create an interactive platform that brings together local artists and art enthusiasts from around the world; going beyond just selling and buying, to talent management and cultivating an active community that can share, appreciate, educate and inspire one another.

The RG vision is to become Tanzania’s leading art gallery by running a one-stop art gallery by providing a space – virtually and physically. RG will explore what art is, what the discipline entails, showcases and distributes the most comprehensive definition of art and its forms, illustrating the value of both amateur and professional art. The mission is to establish an art gallery that will make available a wide range of artwork (paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photography, and other merchandise) at affordable prices. Furthermore, bringing and building a community through learning and development channels that manage the talent of artists and diversify the appetite of enthusiasts.

Rangi Gallery acknowledges the challenges the industry faces locally in terms of artist promotion and cultural mindsets. Therefore, it intends to bridge this gap by having this platform and leveraging on the advances in technology and the connectivity of this modern era.

Lorna Mashiba


My name is Lorna and I am the founder of Rangi Gallery (RG). I am a lawyer by profession with a postgraduate diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy. I have apprenticed as a foreign service officer, managed a law and consultancy firm between Tanzania and UAE and even worked for a retail giant once upon a time.

Through these experiences, I was able to build fruitful relationships within the international community and gained commercial exposure. From an early age, I was attuned to my senses; highly intrigued by colour, images, movement and sounds, that are translated into visual arts. Coming from a big vibrant family with siblings who engage in film and photography, music, and design with a grandfather who was a well renowned professional ‘Malingishi’ dancer (a Sukuma tribe traditional dance), I never pursued art, but art always pursued me.

Though I never formally studied art, my curiosity and passion always compelled me towards it. During my undergraduate studies in India, I had the opportunity to be exposed to one of the world’s richest cultures with an exuberant amount of vibrant artistic expression. Through this integration, I did not only cultivate my artistic senses, but it enhanced my appreciation for my own cultural heritage. After several years, I embarked on my journey of co-founding an art gallery called the Ujamaa Art Gallery in 2011. Then, the purchasing power was not as strong as it is right now and art was considered more of a luxury than a part of life. Immediately after closure, I registered RG in 2014 to open a space that not only showcased art but goes beyond to grow and nurture local talent, to empower the conversation within the community, and to transform the local industry to market beyond its local borders.

It was just recently that I got to experience a light bulb moment when news of the COVID-19 pandemic hit Tanzania where I realized, “I might just die not having done what I love to do the most.” That is when I was inspired to set up this virtual art gallery and treat it as if I was operating a physical space.

My dream is to create a space that brings together artists, art enthusiasts and your regular average Joe in one room to educate, to inspire and to grow the conversation on what art is and what it entails. I hope to leave a footprint that is constructive to the art and crafts world, allowing room for continuous learning and growth in this sector that I feel is so under-tapped but full of potential. Join me in discovering Tanzania’s, Africa’s and the World's talents through my careful selection by perusing through Rangi Gallery online page.

“A little risk and a whole lot of courage to pursue what I love; and maybe my innate love for art, space and design has been a blessing in disguise all along.”

The Team

I read somewhere that in order to create great things you need to do it with great people who are great at what they do and most importantly, who believe in you.

Allow me to introduce to you the great team behind Rangi Gallery. This team does not work full time with RG; they have their own very established careers but they supported me and RG, personally. I am very passionate about Rangi and this rendered me difficult at times because it was very hard to separate my head to my heart. I succeeded in doing so because of this team that kept me grounded throughout. They lead me through all the stages of development cycle with their combined knowledge, thinking, driven by innovation and bringing my idea to life. And for this I will forever be indebted to them, because they helped lift this off the ground after 10 years of procrastination. Helped in making sure, I walked before I could fly.

Thank you for keeping it real with me always, this is from the very bottom of my heart. A team so behind the scenes that didn’t even want a mention on the site, but the rebel in me wouldn’t let it go, and so instead of a full blown bio about them, here is a a snippet of who they are to me and what role they played in the development of Rangi.
Yago Leon
Pilot, Web Developer, Family man, friend and
Cashewnut-eating Mafia Boss
Marc Ngotonie
Photographer, Portrait extraordinnaire, Visual
storyteller, friend and sweethearted scarface
Jerome Albou
Telecom Engineer, Life partner, bestfriend, Advisor,
mental support and cheerleader
Nina Malekia
Agricultural Banker, a friend, a sister, accountability
partner, business development, project manager, compulsive
organizer, fitness & wellness guru and a die- hard tea drinker
Brian Mashiba
Filmaker, Writer, Photographer, sibling, friend,
Creative Director/ Curator, Burger and Booze Connoisseur
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