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Women In Art

27th June 2021

Belgium Ambassadors Residency, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The global art scene is usually a male-dominated space. You will find few female artists, who are often emerging artists that find their careers to be short-lived due to the social responsibilities of a woman. Activities like taking care of household duties and working out of the home to provide income for the family, end up consuming these women’s whole day, leaving little or no space for them to spend time producing meaningful work. It is no wonder that female careers are stifled even before they can take off. Let us not forget the enormous pressure and stress this causes often leading to mental health issues. Moreover, these conditions are frequently not understood by the society around her.

Even when the female artist manages to push through the barriers and gets to be part of the art scene, she is yet again met with another struggle: the structure of the art scene isn't friendly to her. Most art exhibitions and showcases happen in the evening which can cause difficulties in getting permission to attend or having to face the danger of heading back home alone at night. Simple issues like these obstruct female artists their abilities to freely network and socialize for career growth and opportunities.

With the global shift in strengthening the women’s position in various sectors such as the workplace, the home and the government, we would like to strengthen and multiply the number of women in the Tanzanian art world. Thank you to all the female artists that took their time to submit their work. With over 50 submissions, we are truly inspired by the future of the female artist in Tanzania.

Despite all these difficulties, there have been some incredible male artists who have nurtured and mentored female artists in our community. They are helping to fight the obstacles in front of them and provided a space for them to grow. Thank you to all the brothers of our Tanzanian art community who have shared their studio, taken their time to teach, helped us apply for opportunities and shared their knowledge with us. We celebrate you too in this exhibition.

Thank you to Ambassador Peter Van Acker and Mrs. Astrid Belliot for opening your home to celebrate women in the arts.


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