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Pre- Launch Event Artists Introduction

17th October 2020

Rangi Gallery
Invite Only

It is official, the Rangi Gallery website went live today!

The gallery wanted to give the artists that agreed to pioneer this movement with the gallery an exclusive experience on the feel of the platform.  This debut involved various activities where the Rangi artists got an opportunity to meet fellow artists, receive tutorials on the ins and outs of website, have an opportunity to navigate through the website with the staff present, and provide feedback to the gallery on areas for further development. Furthermore, the highlight of this event was not only to introduce the virtual space, but also to give our partnering artists a sneak preview of the physical space that is to become Rangi Gallery’s home. Therefore, we facilitated a tour of the gallery space as the gallery team walked the artists through the upcoming vision for the physical space. Furthermore, the artists had an opportunity to engage with the founder, meet the team and exchange ideas.

The levels of enthusiasm and excitement surpassed expectations; the founder of the gallery, Lorna Albou, was left in a deep state of gratitude and awe for the zeal built during this event with the artists. We anticipate a fully accessible venue, and an exceptionally well equipped environment for immersive and experiential events – providing a blank canvas for showcasing Tanzania’s talent.

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