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Vinta Malaba

“Art to me is the concentration of ideas and the expansion of further thinking and expression.”

The eldest of three sons of the Agostino Malaba (the Godfather of Makonde Sculpting), Vinta started nurturing his craft at the age of 15, as he assisted his father. After school, he would eagerly go back home to help out and earn a little pocket money. Not long after, did Vinta start working on his own pieces.
As the saying goes, “like father, like son,” Vinta drew inspiration mostly from his imagination yet, they both had distinctly unique styles. Surrounded by artists, Vinta aspired to be one of them. He loved seeing foreigners from different parts of the world visiting their home to see his Dad. He idolized and loved George Lilanga who was also Agostino Malaba’s protegee.

Experimenting in creation and cultivating results that varied drastically but still amazing is what gives Vinta so much joy. Furthermore, he also enjoys Music and Ngoma za asili (traditional folk music and dance).
Vinta was quite the adventurous one and at some point in his life, he temporarily stopped carving and did a bit of travelling; he wanted to discover other opportunities life had to offer.

He lived in South Africa and Mozambique and got himself in huge messes, cheated death several times, tried his hand in mining, and came back so defeated looking as if he survived a deadly disease. He owes his father so much because upon his return, it is he who told him to contact Yves Goschinny (a gallery owner) who helped him get back on his feet, by commissioning work and giving his talent a second chance after being gone for more than seven years. To date, this is one of his biggest achievements - going full circle returning to where it all began, picking up the pieces where he left off.

He hopes to someday have a solo exhibition, and to push the bar higher - maybe own his one art center and teach other aspiring sculptors.

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