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Sauda Simba

“Art is Beauty in all its guises; it's a stimulant for the senses and it's in everything and everywhere”.

A global nomad by experience, Sauda was in fact born in the Kilimanjaro region in the early 60’s, moved and studied in Uganda, Kenya and Ireland, and once lived in DRC and Russia.

Sauda is a jack of all trades - she has done it all from PR and communication, acting, to teaching and writing children books, newspaper articles, and many more. As for the Arts, she is one of the founding members of Nafasi Art Space and was on the board for ten years. In addition, she also served on the board for BASATA and Arts & Culture Fund.

Although she is still an amature, she loves images and mentally, she sees images as photographs. She loves photography because it illustrates stories in a visual format. Capturing life from different parts of the world - especially in Africa - is what delights her. As a nature lover, both flora and fauna, wildlife, insects, and all the other components that mother nature has to offer, fascinates her. Beyond mother nature, she is also attracted to the moon in all its segments and photographs it frequently. Sauda reckons that there's something special about the moon, this globe looking round thing; that it sits there and hangs like a lamp shedding its light over us at night.

Sauda thinks of herself as art - from her exposure and never-ending hobbies and career paths. At the moment, she is still figuring out her style in photography; she just goes where her eyes and heart takes her. Her photography represents her love for the motherland (Tanzania), nature and depicts the joys of living. To Sauda, art is Beauty in all its guises; it's a stimulant for the senses and it's in everything and everywhere. Capturing the unexpected or capturing the right moment after several trials, is what gives her joy. She is able to be present and feel the magnificent presence.

Sauda loves to open her mind through travel, watching films, reading books, listening to music, and swimming. She is very excited about this photography chapter that she is on. Her dream is to open more eyes and get people to notice the beauty that surrounds them, especially Tanzanians. She would like to inspire more people to appreciate their environment, especially the wonders of nature's construct.

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