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Hedwiga Tairo

“Art completes me and makes me whole.”

Hedwiga Tairo, from a young age, loved to draw things. She used to love imitating her sister's drawings. She hails from a family who strongly disliked art and did not consider it as a noble career path. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for her to pursue what she loves yet, she could not help it, her passion lingered on even when she was in college where she seized the opportunity to pursue art on the side. Given that her course also partially taught about art, it is in College that she met with people with similar interests and she took every opportunity to learn everything there is to know about art.

She was born in the Kilimanjaro region but currently resides in Dar es salaam. At present she is taking a short course at Nafasi Art Space Mikocheni. As a young girl, she was interested in several career paths; she even persuaded geology so that she can become a geoscientist so that she could be a doctor but her unfailing love for painting didn’t let her. Art completes her and makes her whole.
She doesn't think she has any particular style in painting; she is still trying to discover her niche but one thing she knows for sure is that she loves to create something that is different from the rest. She is mostly fascinated and inspired by artists such as Masoud Kibwana, Raza Mohamed and Thobias Minzi who have single handedly helped her in her artistic journey.

What excites this young lady with art is that there's an abundance of different mediums for her to choose from, this leads to the progression of her creative expressions. She finds beauty in the ability to capture her unique selective perception of what is before her eyes. Art connects her to people, from all walks of life especially those with different problems. She loves her life as an artist, enjoys the interactions with different artists. Beauty and Colour are like the heart and the mind; when aligned, they create endless possibilities, when out of alignment they also create beautiful messes.

In her spare time, she loves music, watching movies and designing different clothing. She cannot wait for the day she owns her own studio and be her own boss. Her big dream is to some day do an exhibition on mental health issues.

Critique from the Gallery

Hedwiga Tairo’s work largely focuses on depicting social structures within her own society, despite her work often being devoid of human subjects in the locations she paints. Her work consists of watercolor paintings of popular landmarks and architecture in Dar es Salaam, as well as intimate locations of her personal life and some surrealist pieces that are also showcased in her portfolio. Which exhibits her affinity for experimentation as well as a self-inclusive quality to her landscape painting. Her work displays a sense of biographical sensibility in reference to the subjects she chooses to paint, with most pieces often depicting impressionistic renderings of both her home and other prominent landscapes in the Dar es Salaam region. Her Monet-like approach to landscape painting is further complemented by her skillful craftsmanship and handling of the often daunting watercolor medium. Her fastidious rendering of the landscapes exhibit careful consideration on the depiction of light and its changing qualities, as well as an open composition and relatively small/light brush strokes that she basically adopted from the impressionist aesthetic principles.

Selected Works

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