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Ayoub Kimweli

“Art is a mirror that shows you what I think and what I see.”

Pursuing an Art career in the 1990s was not an easy task here in Tanzania. Growing up, Ayoub Kimweli, started taking art classes during primary school. As his passion grew, the importance of art in the school curriculum diminished.

Up until Ayoub met Masia Jumbe ( a cartoon artist), his life changed forever. Through this relationship, he came across the Morogoro stores - a famous local art market in Oysterbay, Dar es Salaam. This place became his second home and he acquired many different skills where he was able to develop and cultivate his talent. After trial and error, Ayoub finally found his footing and opened his own studio.

Dynamic, afrocentric and vividly palpable; his depiction of his early childhood and African culture can be felt through his work. Ayoub attests to the fact that a future in the art is not the easiest path to walk on however, he thanks Allah and his parents for always standing by him.

Critique from the Gallery

Kimweli’s work often depicts daily life in village society, with children being his recurring subjects. Usually shown playing or staring out of the frame in a spectative manner. Kimweli’s approach exhibits a photographic quality that imitates a camera almost in a cinematic sense. With a rather heavy emphasis on realistic rendering of the subject and landscapes through a naturalistic approach in color and lighting that is akin to the style and principles of the impressionist movement of the early 20th century.

Selected Works

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