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Aggrey Mwasha

“I consider art to be my language of expression and teaching, be it metaphorically or explicitly.”

Aggrey is a self-taught artist born in the Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. He was an outgoing child with creativity running through his veins. He started painting when he was 10 years old, producing different colors from plants and flowers. Through his education, after completing secondary school, he found himself enrolled at a college of business education even though he knew, deep down he was born to be an artist.

Aggrey has participated in a number of exhibitions in different countries such as Finland, England, USA etc. Some of Aggrey’s greatest achievements include him being the first winner in the World Day Food drawing competition organized by FAO in 1980. Furthermore, he was the only painter selected from Tanzania to participate in the second Pan African cultural Festival which took place at the International Fair of Algiers (Algeria) in July 2009. Aggrey also had the opportunity to curate at the Wasanii Art Center from 2004 to 2010 following the initiative of the former ambassadors from the American and the Italian Embassy.

Currently, Aggrey has his own studio in Dar es Salaam where he enjoys exploring the depths of color.

Critique from the Gallery

Aggrey Mwasha’s work conveys his own unique individual outlook of african life and culture, that is demonstrated by his highly stylized representation of common day to day rituals in african society, ranging from students studying in schools to people dancing in social settings, to depictions of animal’s primal acts in their natural habitats. This wholesome subject matter is rendered with warm colors and hazy figures that are superimposed with vibrant colored backgrounds to encapsulate the definitive features of his subjects. An artistic approach reminiscent of the expressionist artist Emil Nolde’s style of visual representation and aesthetic, who was also revered for his expressive brush work and emotive use of color.

Selected Works

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