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Liberatha Alibalio
Textile & Multimedia Artist

“ My art is my story, my story is our story, our story now is our history tomorrow.”

Born in Kagera, Liberatha is the first born of four girls with very supportive parents. As a child she always saw herself as a geographer or an air traffic controller of some sort, it was up until a friend gave her a University of Dar es Salaam prospectus during her stint at national service when her eyes were opened to limitless possibilities. Her history with Textile began in her secondary education where she had an opportunity to learn textile in home economics but after national service, is when she enrolled at the University of Dar es Salaam to pursue a BSC. in Textile Design and Technology degree (2014 - 2018).

When it comes to style, Liberatha is a textile and fiber artist working across the mediums of fiber, yarns, natural dyes and hand dyed fabrics. She considers herself painting using coloured yarns and fabrics, and her biggest inspiration comes from her love for nature and what nature has to offer. To her, making Textile is a kind of magic! She enjoys the rhythm, colour, pattern and the touch of every material she works with. Her works are a collage of hand dyed pieces of fabrics representing nature both realism and abstract.

Liberatha admires and is a huge fan of local artists such as Winfrid Luena, Valerie Amani and Asteria Malinzi. At international level, she pulls her inspiration from Bisa Butler and Micheal Thorpe. The transition from beginning to end, and seeing the creation come to life, is what gives her the most delight.

Liberatha loves life and loves to dream. She is what we call a true dreamer. She aspires to use her gifts (talents) to her fullest capacity and be able to give back to society and nature. Her dream would be to curate her own work and be able to relate to a larger audience. Most importantly, she would love to create work that people can find therapeutic.

Critique from the Gallery

Liberatha Alibalio’s dexterous craftsmanship and careful color coordination makes for both a visual and tactile treat, whose distinctive style is unlike any other in Tanzania. Her technique has often been likened to the approach of pioneer color theorist, Josef Albers, due to her keen sense of color and spatial composition, that often feature a fusion of muted complementary and analogous color schemes used to draw lines and shapes in and out of the viewers vision.

Selected Works

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